(Video) Petter Solberg crashes in vineyard in Rally France WRC, nails telephone pole

Ford's Petter Solberg doesn't know how the dramatic accident that knocked him (and a concrete pole) out of Rallye de France occurred. But an overhead camera grabbed the shocking video:

Yep, that concrete pole fell, narrowly missing spectators and knocking out electricity. Initial speculation was that he had a sticky throttle or brake problems. Solberg said there was nothing wrong with his car. Watching dash cam video of the accident leaves one wondering -- why did the #4 car keep driving then?

Race officials had the same questions and released the following after viewing the above video:

From: The stewards of the meeting.
To: The entrant of car No. 4: Ford WRT / Crew: PETTER SOLBERG / CHRIS PATTERSON.

Having viewed the available TV footage and on-board camera evidence in relation to the incident of car No. 4 that went off the road in SS9, the Stewards were concerned at a possible lack of safety awareness of the crew of car No. 4.

The Stewards then summoned the crew of car No. 4, driver Petter Solberg and co-driver Chris Patterson, who explained that once they became aware of the circumstances of their accident they did their best to cooperate with the marshals and the police.

Having considered and understood the crew's attitude when trying to re-enter the stage after going off the road, the Stewards after due deliberation


To impose a reprimand on the crew of car No. 4 for not slowing down when they had no visibility and for not immediately checking the status of spectators and marshals before continuing, both actions being dangerous to those around them.

Bo Swaner, Chairman
Aman Barfull, Steward
Guy Mourot, Steward

Stewards of the meeting

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