Francesa: Twins will give up Morneau for Salary; Murti calls him on it, Mike lies

Mike Francesa's interview with Eddie Coleman in Florida a week ago was generally regarded as the worst interview in the history of sports talk history. Francesa followed that up with 2 interviews in which he interrupted Sweeny Murti an average of 3 times per minute. Yesterday? Francesa was spending the Yankees' money on Justin Morneau. And, finally, Sweeny had enough of being his YES Network/WFAN colleague's schmuck.

Murti: "You're acting like they're just going to give him up for nothing." Francesa, "I never said that."

Yes, you did you moronic bumpkin.

Francesa has become NY's Chris Berman. A caricature of himself.

Earlier in the afternoon, Dr. Mike Francesa was confused by the three degrees of strained wrist tendons. After repeating and stuttering over himself about 'being out with a strain for 2 months' - later in the program Francesa stated 'wrist injuries are notoriously difficult to come back from.'

Complete buffoon.

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