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The Post's Phil Mushnick & "NYC's #1 Topless Sports Bar"

The Post's Phil Mushnick writes today, on page 54:

Saturday, 11 a.m., WFAN airs an ad for “Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club,” replete with “VIP Rooms” and a “6-9 Happy Hour.” Immediately — and appropriately — following that spot, came a promo for the “Boomer and Carton Show.” And moments after that, a commercial for this-is-not-a-drill! Carnival Cruise Lines.

Page 55? An ad for Cheetahs Gentlemen's Club and Restaurant Time Square NYC...NYC's Only Body Sushi.

Phil discussed the perceived hypocrisy of his column and working for a tabloid.

He still cannot, however, explain professional broadcasters continuing to use the phrase 'could care less.'

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