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Brian Bosworth would like you to be ready for the Rapture

Former University of Oklahoma linebacker Brian Bosworth has a new movie, Revelation Road:

The movie, based on the book of Revelation, features Bosworth as a vengeance-fueled and bitter man who is looking to “get back” at everyone he encounters, especially Christians.

He comes across Josh, a Christian who is a “reluctant recipient” of Christ coming into his heart. During their encounter, the Rapture happens.

Bosworth said his character understands the power of God but feels that the power is abused.

“My feud is with God,” he said of his character. “But since I can’t get to him, I take it out on everyone else. Part one is about this collision course with Josh and the Rapture happening.”

The movie is divided into two parts, the first of which will be shown Saturday. Bosworth said part two would be released sometime in “late summer.”

Oh boy. And BB has a warning for you to boot: “People think they’ll get better ‘tomorrow,’” he said. “But the scripture is very clear. It’s God’s time, it’s God’s moment; when the Rapture happens it’s going to happen. If you’re left behind, you’re going to wish you could DVR your life back and do some things over.”

Alrighty then.

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