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Mark Teixeira took a thinly veiled shot at A-Rod

Harlem RBI is a youth development program that provides youth with opportunities to Play, Learn and Grow, inspiring them to recognize their potential and realize their dreams. Board Member Mark Teixeira told Thursday’s Police Athletic League luncheon:

"I have always said that athletes can’t be role models, they are your examples . . . I want the teachers, the police officers, the firemen to be the role models for my children . . . There’s two sides to every story, and a lot of people will say the percentage of professional athletes that get in trouble is not any more or less than people in the general population. But guess what — the general population doesn’t get to play at Yankee Stadium, doesn’t have the forum to speak to business leaders and philanthropists on a daily basis about helping kids. We have to be great examples. What I can do is not get in trouble . . . I can use the right kind of language . . . too many guys are taking that opportunity and wasting it . . . No matter how many home runs I hit in my career and world championships the Yankees win, at the end of my life I want people to say, ‘Mark Teixeira was a decent baseball player, but he really helped kids, he made a difference in their lives.’"

And he spits a lot.

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