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Beyoncé, Tim Tebow top Bing's 'most searched' of 2013

Bings most searched individuals of 2013 - (2012 names in parentheses.)

1. Beyoncé Knowles
(Kim Kardashian)

2. Kim Kardashian
(Justin Bieber)

3. Rihanna
(Miley Cyrus)

4. Taylor Swift

5. Madonna
(Lindsay Lohan)

6. Justin Bieber
(Katy Perry)

7. Nicki Minaj
(Selena Gomez)

8. Amanda Bynes
(Jennifer Aniston)

9. Miley Cyrus
(Nicki Minaj)

10. Barack Obama
(Taylor Swift)

Also released, the top individual athletes we searched for.

1. Tim Tebow
2. Lindsey Vonn
3. Tiger Woods
4. Kevin Ware
5. Ray Lewis
6. Lebron James
7. Danica Patrick
8. Dwight Howard
9. Derek Jeter
10. Maria Sharapova

Most searched teams

1.Dallas Cowboys
2.Miami Heat
3.New York Yankees
4.New York Giants
5.Chicago Bears
6.Baltimore Ravens
7.Detroit Tigers
8.Miami Dolphins
9.Atlanta Braves
10.Green Bay Packers

Bing has a ton of other categories that they ranked.

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