Kevin Harlan: "Erin Andrews acted like an uncomposed 'drama queen' with Richard Sherman"

We found it interesting that Erin Andrews' follow-up question to Richard Sherman's statement "When you try me with a sorry receiver like [Michael] Crabtree...don't you ever talk about me!" was "Who was talking about you?" (A), it felt like the lag was for a producer to provide the question but, (B), more so - he had just mentioned the dude's name. CBS Sports announcer Kevin Harlan (as mentioned by Jerry Recco on B&C this A.M.) went on the Starkey & Mueller radio program over at Pittsburgh's 93-7 The Fan and said much more:

“I don’t know if she was unprepared, her reaction was more about her than the guy,” Harlan said. “It was very odd. If you go back and look at that interview, her reaction was more like drama queenish.”

“If Michelle Tafoya or someone like that were interviewing, I can’t help believe that she wouldn’t have asked the appropriate followup and been a little bit more composed,” Harlan added. “Whereas the gal that was asking the questions was almost like she was on a stage. It wasn’t about her, it’s all about him, and the more I think about it, the more irritated I get.”


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