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Erin Andrews has had it hard because she is so beautiful

Elle asks Erin Andrews, "When you were first getting started, what were some of the biggest challenges that you faced?"

I looked a certain way. I'm 5'10", I've got blonde hair, you know? I like dressing nicely. I'm also a huge tomboy, and dealing with guys and talking to guys is not hard for me. So I felt like I got a lot of attention because of that—I was new, I was different. People want to know if you're for real. They want to know if you're only there for your looks, or if you're there because you know the game. The other challenge for me was that when I started, that's when the Internet really blew up. People started these sports blogs and websites—there were pictures when I was eating a sandwich on the field, or [they would] take pictures of me and what I was wearing. There really wasn't a sports broadcaster who had to deal with that yet, and while I think it helped my popularity in the industry, I've dealt with some hard things with that.

Hey, sometimes one has to succeed in order to fail.

One other important note, asked, "Your work is obviously a little bit unpredictable, but what does a typical day look like for you?" Erin alluded to that October issue of Men’s Health magazine in which she said that her pregame preparation is just as grueling as that of any coach drawing up X’s and O’s.

“The prep is insane,” says the 36-year-old Andrews. “For me, it’s morning, noon and night. When I’m getting ready for a game, nothing else matters.”

Guess that happens during Saturday dinner. Over TruBiotics.

Well, it's probably better to break it down in weeks. During football season, I carry two jobs: I do the sidelines, and then I host Dancing with the Stars, so it's kind of crazy. I leave town to go to my football game on Thursday, so I'll fly across the country and go wherever we're going for the game. Friday morning, I'll wake up early, I'll go shoot a sit-down interview with one of the players, and then I'll go to practice and will sit in three to four hour meetings with the team. On Saturday, we meet a lot as a group and we'll also talk to the other team that we're covering that Sunday, and we'll go out to dinner as a crew. When we wake up on Sunday morning, we leave the hotel usually by 8:30 A.M.; then we're at the game, and then I get on a plane, fly back to LA, and usually land around midnight. Then I have to be on the road by 8 A.M. to get to the Dancing with the Stars studio. I'm in dress rehearsal and hair and makeup all day, we shoot at 5 P.M., and I'm out of there by 7:30 P.M. or 8 P.M. on Monday night. If my boyfriend [NHL player Jarret Stoll] isn't playing a game, I re-introduce myself to him. [Laughs] Tuesday and Wednesday are my days off—to just get ready to leave again on Thursday.


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