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WFAN’s Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts unschooled & moronic: Phil Mushnick

We've been saying it for years: WFAN’s Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts are ignorant and underdeveloped.

Matthew Funtime summed up Joe & Evan once:

It's very lucky WFAN had Imus and M&MD for so long.

Imagine trying to pitch a show like Joe & Evan? A spoiled, wet-behind-the-ears manchild & an illiterate goomba beat the same topics to death and express their mongoism with vacuity. It's more like an SNL sketch than a radio show.

Funtime added, "You could play that theme for 3 hours and WFAN would get the same damn ratings."

Funtime even went one step further - taking aim at the dumber of the two, Joe.

It's funny, this world.

Joe Benigno should be wiping down the stoves at Anthony's Coal Fire Pizza - and even then his boss'd be like, "Huh.. speak clearly when you're asking me about detergents."

But no, this is America - and there is a chance even an mushmouth ginzone can reach radio heights. Bless this country of buffoons! 

After we wrote, "We're told WFAN tape guys love Benigno's seal act because removing 'right-right, yep-yep' for guest highlight cuts is so easy. (i.e., Joe right-righting over an answering guest makes for terrible/unusable website clips.)" We received this text from a WFAN source: "Thks. Benigno actually trying hard to not speak over guests. Thank you!"

Back in July, we got this: "Benigno began slipping back into old habits the past 2 weeks yepping and righting callers. Now he's back to doing it to guests."

Sure, sure. Didn't expect any less.

Today, the Post's Phil Mushnick concurred

Here, the pep band is led by the won’t-grow-up team of Null & Void. WFAN’s Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts, unabashed sis-boom-bah Jets fans, give the simple-minded a bad name. ESPN’s Mike Greenberg, who refers to the Jets as “we,” sounded upbeat at the news Cromartie’s back.

Which reminds of the thought process of a lot of insiders at the FAN after the dull duo interviewed Bill Belichick.

Received email from WFAN source as soon as Belichick on the mid day show was planned stating, "Joe Benigno has been told not to 'right right' over coach's answers!" So what happened? Evan Roberts instead excitedly jumped Bill with the starts of his long winded questions, again and again.

And while some media pros laughed at Benigno not knowing that Belichick would be in favor of instant replay on pass interference (Who besides an NFL pro would know that? The Posts Brian Costello even answered Roberts' question on the matter in a subsequent piece by stating yeah, the Patriots are always submitting/petitioning the competition committee with rule changes every year) - if you could see the disgust in emails and texts we received when Roberts and Benigno dropped their Jets 2010 fanboy garbage on the no nonsense Bill Belichick - you'd be amazed at the senders.

When someone emails, "Ev is no Mike. He's no Craig either." You know you've embarrassed yourself.

Almost as badly as when Joe got the team kicked off TV.

All which leads us back to this: Give Ryan Ruocco & Dave Rothenberg on 98.7 ESPN a noon listen. 100x better than Joe & Evan.

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