Boomer Esiason: Gotta take with a grain of salt anything MetsBlog's Matthew Cerrone reports about Mets

On this ridiculous report that Mets GM Sandy Alderson may have been behind New York's opening day lineup, Matthew Cerrone of the Mets Blog tweets:

Boomer and Carton, speaking of Cerrone's reporting on (citi presents...), state, respectively, "You have to take anything he writes about the team with a grain of salt. He's a mouthpiece for the Mets..." and, "No disrespect to Cerrone who I'm sure does a great job but the Mets are not going to let him put out information that counters what they want it to be. He is not putting out objective info."

Cerrone took to twitter again after that.

There's nothing like having your integrity and credibility unfairly attacked on national radio to start the day. Thanks, @cc660! #UGH

I'm so sick of dealing with shit like this, it's no longer funny to me.

I'm used to being criticized, @cc660, but I've always been honest and fair, even before SNY existed. That's all I want people to know!

Cerrone to appear on B&C. And here he is.

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