Joe Benigno & Evan Roberts: 2 self-deluded, condescending jerks: Phil Mushnick | Bob's Blitz

Joe Benigno & Evan Roberts: 2 self-deluded, condescending jerks: Phil Mushnick

Of Joe & Evan, we've said it longer than anyone: They are two idiots who, if you're Erica Herskowitz or John Minko - you have every right to skull either one of them right in the face.

Today, Phil Mushnick sums them up again, as two jerks.

Not much to Mike from Francesa fill-ins

Perhaps sitting in for Mike Francesa is requisite to be heard as an arrogant, self-deluded, condescending jerk. Thursday, Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts spoke a too-long, inside, unfunny, down-talk to and about FAN vet John Minko, as if he’s their inferior, born into radio servitude. They thought they were being what they ain’t — clever.

As for Francesa’s return, he intends to correct and apologize for a bunch of errors just before he left on vacation. Among them:

His authoritative claim Triple Crown winner American Pharoah will run just once more — in the Travers at Saratoga, Aug. 29, then that’s it; retired to stud. Fran-say-so said so as if he actually knew so.

Bingo! American Pharoah soon was entered in the Haskell, at Monmouth, Aug. 2, and still may enter the Travers.

He’ll play that tape, as well as the one of him cutting off a caller while shouting that “you can DH for any player, not just the pitcher!” – again, as if he knew it as a fact. Dead wrong, again!

Speaking of megalomaniacs, looks like it’s back to pro wrestling for Donald Trump.

And if you listen to these 2 cretins, you are an even bigger moron than either one of them is.

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