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Why yes the NFL did sweep the Patriots locker room at the Jets request

Funny how everyone (late losers Deadspin, FTW, Pro Football Talk, Uproxx et al.) who posted that Boomer Esiason claimed that the NY Jets requested the NFL 'sweep the Patriots locker room' for RF bugs last week anywhere from 2 to 5 hours after the man said it (for the 2nd time to boot) don't believe it to be true -- but posted it anyway. (Tom Ley went as far as to use the headline 'Boomer Esiason Says Jets Swept Locker Room For Bugs Before Pats Game, Is Probably Full Of Shit')

Guess what? They did sweep. Cameron McDonough writes:

The NFL swept the visiting locker room at Gillette Stadium on Sunday after the New York Jets complained about possible bugs, but according to the Boston Herald’s Jeff Howe, that was only the beginning of the story.

After the league looked for bugs, an NFL employee “interrogated” three Patriots employees about the situation during the second quarter of the New England Patriots’ 30-23 win, a source told Howe.

The sweep of the locker room and the 15-minute long questioning of the Patriots’ employees produced “no evidence of wrongdoing,” according to Howe. However, his source said that the behavior by the NFL toward the Patriots’ employees was “unprecedented.”

Nice job, again, Deadspin.

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