The American Cancer Society's Bike-a-thon was AC's biggest fail, perhaps ever

The 44th Annual American Cancer Society Bike-a-thon Bridge to the Beach was yesterday, Sunday, June 12th. The ride began at the base of the Ben Franklin Bridge in Philadelphia; traveling over the Bridge and through the back roads in South Jersey -- ending on the Boardwalk at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City.

Picture this - Atlantic City, the failing gambling capital of New Jersey, wants customers there. So you head there for a day. And you do it yesterday, Sunday June 12th. 20 minutes from Bally's you exit to the Expressway...where you sit for roughly an hour and a half because lanes are close for damned bikes! The American Cancer Society writes:

Riding into Atlantic City- Safety

Approximately the last 5 miles of the route before reaching the Boardwalk in Atlantic City will be along the Atlantic City Expressway. The right lane will be coned off and dedicated for cyclists only. Even though the lane is closed off, please be sure to ride on the shoulder. Significant police patrol will be provided at all intersections and locations with merging traffic to assure a safe entry into Atlantic City.

6ABC added, "At the endpoint, on the beach and at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, NJ, participants will receive a variety of lunch options and a custom 2016 Bike-a-thon t-shirt. Spectators and passers-by can enjoy entertainment, survivor ceremonies and other family fun activities."

Spectators trying to get to AC, on a Sunday, got to enjoy almost two hours of idling 3 miles from the boardwalk. (Waze users were not as kind.)

So, Summer of 2016 visitors to Atlantic City -- make sure to Google every shore calendar you can find before heading there because you never might get to sit in a created and allowed Atlantic City Expressway clusterf*ck.

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