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WFAN's Evan Roberts got hit by a taxi while out on a sick day

WFAN's Evan Roberts was off yesterday - the result of a throat issue. 6 hours after he tweeted, "I would not be able to pass a PED test right now…drugged up trying to get my voice back," Roberts was apparently sober (and healthy...) enough to be up and around ... and was hit by a car.

Roberts tweeted, "Hit hard by a taxi today. The NYers who helped me were amazing!!! Currently awaiting some X-rays and hopefully I’lol be able to walk!"

Roberts later added, "Insanely scary experience…. But I ain’t dead!!" concluding, "My voice feels so much better… my back!? Well that’s another story."

Interesting. Wonder what kind of drugs he was on...and was he on an electric bike?

Craig Carton inferred that Roberts may have been biking illegally.

*Update, he has a L1 vertebra fracture.

Sure the cab company is going to want a urine test...

*Update - Evan spoke about the accident upon his Monday return (oh, and he was on a cortisone type item for his throat so...).

h/t KD

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