Strong old Wichita St. coach Gregg Marshall suspended for charging refs

Wichita St. coach Gregg Marshall, during a game against McGill University in Montreal, acted the complete fool after receiving technicals and getting ejected.

He is suspended for the team's next game. A joint statement was released to the media from Wichita State Athletics and Head Coach Gregg Marshall. Below are selections from the statement:

“Darron Boatright, interim director of athletics, has suspended Coach Gregg Marshall for this afternoon’s final exhibition game in Canada.

‘I visited with Coach Marshall this morning to inform him that he is suspended for this afternoon’s final exhibition game in Canada. While I understand the competitive spirit that accompanies coaching, there remains a standard of professional behavior that is inherent in a position of leadership that we all must meet. That standard was not met last night.’

On Tuesday night, Marshall received two technical fouls and was ejected by officials from the Shockers' game against McGill University. He then was restrained by members of the coaching staff and team when he continued to confront officials.

Marshall said: ‘I fully accept the decision of the athletic department and the University. As a program we expect to represent Wichita State University in a manner in which we can all be proud of, on and off the court. Last night, in my attempt to stand up for, and protect my team I fell short of those expectations. I will gladly sit out tonight's game in hopes that a lesson can be learned that it's not just about doing the right thing, but doing it the right way.’”

One of the players who tried to restrain him, Darral Willis, said afterwards, "He’s a strong old man."


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