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Mike Francesa back to referring to he & the Jets as 'WE'

2010: Jets rookies Mark Sanchez and Shonn Greene led New York to a stunning 17-14 upset of San Diego in the divisional playoffs. Mike Francesa was not pleased that SD missed field goals.

And he fought with Evan Roberts and Joe Benigno for referring to the Jets as 'we.'

Phil Mushnick wrote at the time:

Wednesday, Francesa actually spread himself beyond his usual boundaries, granting an audience to Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts on their WFAN show. Of course, he took over. After Roberts asked Francesa why he has given the Jets such meager credit, Francesa erupted, questioning Roberts’ broadcast professionalism for being a rabid, in-your-ear Jets fan.

“What’s with the ‘We’ pom-poms?” Francesa scolded. “You don’t work for the team. You’re not ‘We,’ you’re a spostscaster! You can’t say, ‘We!’ ”

Friday, he also mocked a caller for referring to the Jets as “We.”

Gadzooks! During the Bill Parcells Jets’ years, 1997-99, Francesa not only referred to the Jets on the air as “We,” he wore a Jets’ team jacket!

Later Wednesday, while interviewing Jets’ general manager Mike Tannenbaum — “Mr. T.” as Francesa chummily called him — Francesa seemed to drift toward the delusional. He began to speak with Tannenbaum as if he were a fellow NFL general manager.

Francesa actually prefaced a question with, “Listen, you were brought up in a completely different system, a system that I also learned under.”

Nurse! Nurse!

Today Mike was reminiscing about the Jets 1998 AFC Championships Game against Denver. He bit his lip with NY up 10-0 (which, btw Mike? means you didn't talk...) and said, "We're going to the Super Bowl!"

That St. John's education is stellar.

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