Political genius Amber Iman of 'Hamilton' f*cked up "O' Canada" at the Nets game

The cast of Hamilton is a bunch of political pundits who had no problem using a play to bother now VP Mike Pence enjoying a day out.

How politically astute are they? Amber Iman fucked up the Candian anthem prior to Sunday's Brooklyn Nets / Toronto Raptors game.

Iman, who has been cast in the national tour of “Hamilton” that will soon open, sang, “O Canada, we sing our hearts for thee.” The line that ends the song is “O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.”

Raptors players and coaches looked around in confusion as they stood in line.

“I'm going to leave that alone. But yeah, that anthem was a lot different than I've heard over the last five years. A lot different,” Raptors All-Star Kyle Lowry said. “Her voice was beautiful, but the anthem, the song, the words ... have her come to Toronto, we'll come and get somebody to give her some lessons.”

Reporter Doug Smith called for an apology.

The Raptors sent the Nets the lyrics.

The GA Peach that is Amber Iman? Apologized...

I learned the melody while n 8 hr Hamilton rehearsals. The prompter failed, I did my best, while u watched from your couch. #Bye

Disgraceful. Stick with a pro like Melissa Fiore.

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