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Uneducated moron Joe Benigno remembers Gary Cohen well

Recall when Mets broadcaster Gary Cohen proclaimed then NY Mets hero Daniel Murphy a 'net negative' that he had 'no interest' in bringing back? Of course you do - because you have half a brain.

How about Joe Benigno? The dumber perverted half of WFAN's unschooled & moronic mid morning team? Certainly he remembers it like it was yesterday. This afternoon while waxing poetic about Murphy Benigno proclaimed:

Gary Cohen. I'll never forget that. "Daniel Murphy is a Net Zero. Net Zero he said."

Joe Benigno thinks Daniel Murphy is an ISP.

Benigno has major problems when he's not in his regular forgettable slot. Afternoons? Recall 2015: "Perhaps sitting in for Mike Francesa is requisite to be heard as an arrogant, self-deluded, condescending jerk. Thursday, Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts spoke a too-long, inside, unfunny, down-talk to and about FAN vet John Minko, as if he’s their inferior, born into radio servitude. They thought they were being what they ain’t — clever."

And mornings? Forgetaboutit.

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