Expect Amazon to dump the USPS soon

We've had conversations with several United States postmen who have told us they feel Amazon will end the relationship with the USPS soon. AMZN started Sunday deliveries with the US Postal Service 4 years ago. And the struggling USPS welcomed it. "It will certainly help. The fastest growing segment is the package business," Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe said at the time. "The future of package delivery is a seven-day-a-week schedule. We've got the capacity to do it."

And now this past weekend - we had another delivery issue. After complaining we received this reply from Amazon:


First of all please accept my sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused to you this far. That's definitely not what we want our customer's to face. I want you to be assured that I'll certainly help you out with this.

Being a Prime Member, you are very much eligible to receive high level of service from us and I'm very sorry that we were not able to meet your expectations in this case.

Customer satisfaction is something that we take very seriously and would never compromise under any circumstances.

As an extra measure to our unconditional commitment to customer satisfaction, I've forwarded the situation to delivery department and I'll make sure the appropriate people in our company see your message, as I know they'll want to read about your experience.

I'd like to bring to your notice that we are receiving a lot of complaints about the service of USPS. So, I've forwarded a suggestion on your behalf regarding the carrier and have requested them to hire new carriers in place of USPS.

The emphasis by italics is ours.

The USPS lost $200,000,000 over the 2016 holiday season. Delivering mail - they are amazing. 50 cents and it goes from NYC to Hawaii. But how does one make money that way?

Go to 4 days per week (Congress!) and ... Tom Petty, Boomer Esiason, Bart Simpson -- Which one has a USPS stamp in their honor?

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