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Philly fraud Chris Carlin lying to NY Post...

Ex-Mike Francesa producer Chris Carlin in the Post today.

Q: Who were your biggest influences from WFAN?

A: Mike (Francesa) and Chris (Russo), both of them, after producing the show for seven years. Dog brings it every day. If it was an NFL draft prospect, you’d say they have a high motor. From Mike, it was all about the knowledge and understanding, thinking about things a bit more smartly, (delving) in a little bit deeper.

Q: Would you have any interest in replacing Francesa, if that opportunity came up?

A: I am in Philly and I am not going anywhere. I hate to see Mike go and when I watched that Mike and The Mad Dog “30 for 30” at Tribeca, there’s some hope they can somehow get together. I would just like to see it at WFAN, but I just don’t think it’s going to happen. I watched the documentary the other night and I teared up just thinking about how good it was.

Yep - 'smartly' is a word never, ever applied to Mike Francesca (even as he refers to Carlin as a clown for making up sources) and...a Philly sports talk show host would never, ever take the #1 job in the country.


Probably teared up because he witnessed the Loyalty Oaths and wouldn't do anything about them.

Classic 7/1/07 Audio: Chris Carlin -- WFAN 20th Anniversary weekend.

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