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Approximately 3 fans made it to the end of ESPN's screwed up 'Derek Jeter Night'

Phil Mushnick predicted that wiht ESPN broadcasting 'Derek Jeter Night' - no one would make it to the very end.

But with MLB having sold its soul to ESPN, the game will begin and end late on a Sunday night.

Sunday night games once never were scheduled, as they made no sense. Fans had work or school the next morning. Still do. But MLB sold ESPN the right to choose from the most appealing games, especially played by large TV-market teams, to transform into games that start and end beyond right-headed borders.

3 did. SO there.

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And, if you are pregnant - don't wear a form fitting dress, OK? From pubic bones to pregnant bones.

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Phil Mushnick winds up in Derek Jeter retirement perfect for another Yankees money grab:

...throughout Jeter’s 2014 “Farewell to Baseball Tour,” the Yanks’ radio and TV teams pushed Jeter as too modest, too dignified and too classy to covet, let alone enjoy, such attention, no matter how deserved.

Meanwhile, Jeter, the Yanks and their shared business partner, Steiner Collectibles, were facilitating an everything-must-go, factory clearance Jeter collectibles extravaganza. Anything Jeter may have touched was for sale. And kid, you can’t afford an autographed, suitable for framing — “I’ve been framed!” — certificate-of-authenticity, picture of Derek Jeter, so go ask your old man if he will spring for the dough.

The greed, including quickie $3,000 autograph sessions with Jeter — “Next! Step lively!” — was as conspicuously telltale as all those rows of empty good seats Thursday, and almost every day or night in new Yankee Stadium.

And Jeter — modest, classy, dignified and who had made roughly $267 million as a Yankee and many tens of millions more in endorsements, appearances and autograph sales — was available, even the afternoon before a game, to sell anything and everything his devoted fans — aka fish, marks, suckers — were willing to overspend on to further enrich him.

And though few could miss this, the media drums continued to pound, “Derek Jeter, pure class.”

On the subject of class, Jeter and the Yanks’ business partner, Steiner Collectibles, now have a large billboard along the N.J. Turnpike that carries a coarse, crotch-targeting double entendre message. It isn’t the least bit clever, but it is vulgar and highly visible.

So where did all those fans go? Probably to Vivid Cabaret to see Justine retire her #2 jersey.

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