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Every ortho should have a form like the esteemed Dr. Frank Colarusso in order to curb our opioid epidemic

Dr. Frank Colarusso is a double Board-certified Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation physician practicing for Mercer-Bucks Orthopaedics. A physiatrist (think the detectives of orthopedics), Dr. C has been practicing Musculoskeletal and Sports Medicine for over twelve years with a focus on Electromyography, Osteopathic Manual Manipulations, Acute and Chronic Pain, Neck and Back Pain, Pain Management, Ultrasound Guided Diagnostics, Nerve Blocks and Injections.

And if you're going to see Dr. Frank...you're going to sign this form...which contains seven paragraphs that every orthopedist should be required to have.

Dr. Colarusso does not provide chronic pain medications. We do see patients with chronic pain and will evaluate the case, determine if further diagnostic or treatment is appropriate, adjust medications to improve function but not just to prescribe medications. If the patient is felt to have reached maximal medical improvement and no further treatment is required or if the patient is beyond the scope of my practice or simply requires medications, Dr. Colarusso is under no obligation to prescribe those medications or may elect to give you medications until you follow up with a chronic pain management specialist, up to a 30 day supply.

The government states that the use of these and other medications can cause other medical problems, in addition to adverse drug reactions. These included, but are not inclusive to GI ulcerations, liver and kidney disease, HTN, heart disease, stroke and endocrine issues. The patient also agrees to use the medications as prescribed and not to increase, adjust the dose or use them in any alternative way. The patient also agrees not to consume alcoholic beverages while on the medication and/or illegal drugs as well to attempt to stop smoking as these can interfere and cause further adverse reactions.

The patient is responsible for the medications, their storage and use. We will not refill medications early if used inappropriately, lost, stolen, etc. as well we will never refill prescriptions over the phone, an appointment must be made. Dr. Colarusso is not liable if the medications are used other than prescribed.

The patient must be an active participant in their rehabilitation program and the patient must follow treatment recommendations, this may included weight loss, therapy, injections, blood work, urine drug screens, pill counts, radiological studies or consultation with another specialist. Failure to comply with any of the above will result in the patient being discharged from service without medications.

Dr. Colarusso is not certified to perform “detoxification” for withdrawal symptoms and if this agreement is not followed Dr. Colarusso is under no obligation to give medications to prevent withdraw reactions or for the purposes of weaning.

The patient is to include their primary care doctor and pharmacist in our treatment program. We require their name, addresses and will contact them. The patient is not to receive any pain medications from any other provider or emergency room and will be cancelled from service immediately.

The patient is not to buy, borrow or lend controlled medications at any time other then prescribed. The patient waives any and all right to privacy or privilege if indiscretions are suspected that Dr. Colarusso and associated government agencies, DEA may investigate medication misuses or diversion. The patient should refrain from driving any vehicle, operating heavy machinery at work or home or being the sole person responsible for the care or supervision of another, while on the medication. Failure to sign the agreements and/or comply with our recommendations can yield in the patient not being seen or treated and/or cancelled from service without notice.

Because the opioid epidemic started in the same way the resistant to antibiotic bacterium did -- doctors looking to too easily please a patient's request.

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