'Guardian Angel' Mike Francesa cured a caller of his opioid addiction

Mike in Yonkers confessed to Mike Francesa yesterday that 8 months ago he was going to kill himself due to an opioid addiction. But then the lord sent Francesa to him over there in Yonkers and, praise jesus, like a guardian angel, Mike is now cured.

Mike in Yonkers, not Francesa.

If you think Tiger Woods, he of the top shelf caregivers, wasn't taking more than prescribed on his own, going to multiple doctors in order to get multiple scripts, or mixing in newer scripts with older ones - you are impaired. And the fact that he didn't have alcohol in his system means little to nothing as to his guilt.

We've seen a lot of changing. If Mike in Yonkers can change, you can change, everybody can change!

Now if someone can just get to Francesa and the NJ Governor, stat, and help them with their food addictions...Francesa's trips to Tiger's bar in Jupiter might come to an end.

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