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Erin Andrews' new FOX Sports uniform is something

Erin Andrews has had it hard because she is so beautiful. Not because she chooses to wear things like nude colored pants and claims she works as hard as any NFL coach does.

The NY Post's Phil Mushnick wrote of Erin Andrews (and ESPN) seven years ago asking, "Is Erin Andrews a Serious Journalist Anymore?"

(One might have asked ESPN in return, "She was one?"):

In the days following the appearance of those surreptitious hotel room videos, ESPN aggressively characterized Erin Andrews as a serious broadcast journalist who was a sexually objectified victim of a horrible crime. Then came that GQ photo spread, then "Dancing With the Stars."

Ya think, if ESPN knew what was coming, it would have left out the "serious journalist" part?

It was a great question. And it stands the test of time. FF to July/August 2017's Health magazine.

I am serious!

Hey, skinny and's a serious step up from the GQ upskirt video.

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