Some ESPN co-workers not happy with Peter Rosenberg's focus

When did Michael Kay become Larry Bird?

Interesting email with the subject 'Peter Rosenberg' came in yesterday regarding the hip hop DJ's 'work' on The Michael Kay Show:

Guys - note: He only focuses on ENN with Peter Rosenberg. To the detriment of the show he focuses on ENN with Peter Rosenberg while the show is going on. And it is not appreciated. Ask.

We emailed another employee over there and got back: "I can't comment on that but I can tell you that he searches for his name everywhere during the show. He's the only guy I know who, years in, is more focused on his twitter mentions than what Don or Michael is saying. And not just his mentions! He searches the name!"

Making friends fast.


Come on man! Peter gets it. He's all about promotion. No?

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