There was more to the Mark Chernoff fight with Mike Francesa fight than ratings

Mike Francesa ignored CBS / WFAN VP not to do lengthy horse racing themed radio programs

Francesa's Preakness gambling show bombed in more ways than ratings

New York, NY -- Mike Francesa fought with Mark Chernoff after losing a ratings battle with the Michael Kay Show. Francesa apparently forced his lap dog Neil Best to write:

The vague reference to Kay beating Francesa widely was misconstrued in the business and on social media as meaning Kay had beaten Francesa for the first time over an extended period — or a quarterly “book” — when in fact it happened over a small sliver of the spring ratings period.

It was? Nobody said it was over an extended period and nobody would immediately refer to the quarterly book except a sycophant. How about over a month?

How about over a week? (Craig Carton went as far Monday as to say, "Beat him in the ratings. Yep, somebody accidentally tuned in to ESPN that day.") A source further explains what the argument was about:

The discussion between Mike and Mark escalated because Chernoff dropped a line on Francesa, "I ORDERED YOU NOT TO DO ALMOST ENTIRE SHOWS ON HORSE RACING!" That is what really got it burning.

A 2nd source added, "Think Francesa fighting with BT was out of place? It was. Fatso fighting with staff is commonplace...just that commonly it's screaming at Mark Chernoff!"

Just recently Francesa described his life in the shady, disgusting, abusive world of Horse Racing - gasping for breath after every few words for some reason. And he's been fighting listeners over the boring racing themed shows for years. Probably was this call from Pat that put him over the edge.

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