Twitter ripped the classless outfits of Holly Sonders at the US Open

[Update - Holly Sonders is dating new Cards coach Kliff Klingsbury - is dating new Cards coach">read more here.]

Here's an example of what Holly Sonders was wearing this weekend at the US Open via @HashSports_

Phil Mushnick attacked: "Those cuts to on-site studio host Holly Sonders made her seem as if she’d been sent by Victoria’s Open Secret. Dressed in tight-fitting, skimpy outfits and provided full-figure camera shots to maximize the transparent sell, her golf knowledge was irrelevant; that’s neither why nor how she appeared.

"And once again, a network’s high-minded inclusion of women within sports telecasts didn’t pass the legitimacy test. One could not escape the conspicuous: She was there to evoke 'Va-va-va-vooms!'"

The Twitter was worse. Here's a sampling.

You looked ridiculous all weekend. Did Fox force you to dress like a prostitute?

Dear please no more , no more , no more . Please.

She's auditioning to do adult movies...

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Highlite was Jena Sims 5 sec of air time annihilated Holly Sonders 4 days of work.

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Maybe she has a golf resume, but sadly that's not why Fox hired her.

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I'm a woman & I am offended by a Fox news hire that is about looks & not about credentials

Like said, of is trying to set women journalists back 20 years w/her gratuitous use of sexuality.

Other than Playboy-like presence of , coverage of was outstanding! Please replace her w/someone legit.

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at this point Holly Sonders should just parade around naked

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Considering we had to look at Holly Sonders basically would only be fair...

And the rest of the coverage was just as bad.

FF to 2018. Holly Sonders promises US Open 2018 website contains 'entire days of sexual qualifying.'

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