Your complaints about Jerry Recco worry WFAN

Jerry Recco ruins every single Boomer & Carton bit that he's on air for. Literally every single one. We called for his removal if he didn't change and he hasn't. Not one attempt at all. Lazy. Couldn't care less.

Back in April someone at CBS ordered 'positive Recco posts' in response to complaints and you got this:

Jerry Recco put the weekend behind him and delivered yet another informative and entertaining update on Monday, on behalf of his legions of fans and admirers.

The “maven” had the latest on the Yankees, who opened the season Sunday with an underwhelming 7-3 loss at Tampa Bay. He also previewed the Mets’ opener, as they take on Atlanta on Monday afternoon at Citi Field.

You, the legions of WFAN listeners, have Tweeted us. You've emailed us. And he's still not changed. Not one bit. And what does WFAN post today?

Boomer & Carton: Jerry Wins Update MVP

Jerry Recco eventually surfaced for his first contribution on Tuesday and, as always, he delivered.

The “update maven” had the latest on a Monday win for the Yankees, but also another injury to a key player. Jerry also had all the details from the NBA Awards.

Update MVP? What? So someone at the station puts down the great Erica Herskowitz, Joey Wahler, and Chris Lopresti for this fool?

Someone must have pictures...

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Update A-hole

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