Aaron Judge killed one of those kids in the outfield during the home run derby

Leave it to ESPN - they get rid of Chris Berman...& then ruin the 2017 Home Run Derby with a dopey split screen that doesn't clearly show HRs.

But it does show eventual winner Aaron Judge nailing one of those, like infants at MLB games, kids in the outfield taking one off the chin.

Only thing missing over this clip to really sum up the evening would be Jessica Mendoza screaming, "ARE THEY NOT GOING TO COUNT THAT AS A HOME RUN?! THAT'S A HOME RUN RIGHT THERE! I DON'T CARE WHAT THE UMPIRE SAYS!!!"

Later, a kid severely misplayed a Mike Moustakas pop-up at the HR Derby and really may have hurt herself.

[Dave Ohhhh]

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