FAIL: Investors Bank's Phil Simms, "Gonna play defense because it's gonna help me do whatever better..."

Boomer Esiason wasn't sure whether competition brought out the best or the worst in folks...Phil Simms & Investors Bank had the answer.

The Investors Bank ship show mercifully comes to an end with a clip on 'Competition' -- but not before Phil Simms imparts this gem:

"I even played basketball I thought about football going 'I'm gonna play defense because I know this is going to help me do whatever better.'"

Wow, well said.

Simms concluded with a concocted story about, not the entire team apparently but 30 Giants teammates working out on July 4th, "It was like it was a it was one of the best days ever about competition..."

Bonnie Bernstein was just stunned.

Can't really believe that this is the final episode in the "Break Down Your Banking" series given that, "Complacency will not be understood."

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