Lying Mike Francesa says we lied about him losing to Michael Kay in June

Michael Kay has embarrassingly bad ratings but he beat Mike Francesa in June 5.2 to 5.1

@FormerlyFuntime  -- Humanist Jeweler

Francesa says that is fake news. Falling back on the radio nonsense of demographics and 'months don't matter - only the book (3 months) does' bullshit - Mike says we lied, Kay lied, everybody except him lied.

Mike Francesa is just a sad shell (an obese shell but nonetheless) of his former self at this point. And that was the worst 6 minutes in his 30 years on WFAN.

WFAN's Boomer Esiason & Craig Carton and Francesa along with ESPN's Kay still refuse to release the one most requested item: total monthly listeners for the individual programs.

No averages.

Not "we're number 6 with men 25-54" bullcrap that they care about but no fan does. No 'for the quarter.'

The total number of listeners per month for the individual shows. Put up or shut up.

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