A-Rod thought of suicide during drug fueled MLB suspension

Hollywood Reporter reporter Marisa Guthrie asked Alex Rodriguez whether he ever thinks about the arc of his career from superstar to outcast, and he shot her a look that said, "Every second of every day!"

Sociopathic TV?

Guthrie goes on:

Then he grabs my notebook and pen. Turning it sideways, he jots down five dates: 1994, 2000, 2004, 2014, 2017. (Curiously, 2009, when he won his only World Series, is not included.) He draws a jagged line under the numbers; 2000 (he hit 41 homers and had 132 RBIs, powering Seattle to the ALCS against the Yankees) and 2004 (his first season with the Yankees) are high points. When he gets to 2014 (when he sat out the season during the longest suspension in baseball history for using performance-enhancing drugs), he drags the pen to the bottom of the page then brings it back up to 2017. No doubt: 2014 was rock bottom. "There were nights in Miami when I was close to tapping out," he admits.

"There were nights in Miami when I was close to tapping out..." Chronic steroid abusers know what he's talking about. You thinking about it? Think about it...

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