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Chris Christie out at WFAN

We told you last month that a source wrote of Chris Christie & WFAN: "This guy wants in radio? It's a tough sell when everyone hates you at the beginning. Especially when it is a political driven hate. Who would tune in? No one. One has to build up to that kind of on air hatred." Marc Malusis followed that up with the same exact statement - no way Christie is getting the WFAN gig.

Today the story stealing NY Daily News writes, "FAN sources said the suits searching for Francesa’s replacement have informed the New Jersey Governor his Gasbag services will not be needed."

This is a station that had Evan Roberts, Chris Simms, Joe Benigno and Adam the Bull on the schedule this summer.

It has very low standards.

Chris Christie has accomplished one thing during his time as Governor of NJ - he made drivers licenses expire on birthdays instead of during an expiration month. That is it. Nada else. He got slot machines in our kitchens. How's that working out property tax wise for you?

Now the most hated man in the tri-state area, Christie is almost finished. He can move out of the area after that.

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