Colin Powell: The US should turn North Korea into a charcoal briquette if it fires a nuke

While Secretary of State, Colin Powell tried hard to warn North Korea to cut the crap.

In 1995, Powell said that if the North dared to use its missiles that the U.S. would turn North Korea into “a charcoal briquette.”

Then, during the abyss that was the Obama administration 'working' with NOKO, citizen Powell reminded the hermits that the US could and should destroy it if it used Nukes.

Speaking to CUNA’s GAC this past February, Colin stated, "With respect to North Korea and Iran, they are playing with nuclear weapons. But they can’t use them, because only thing important to them is survival of their regimes. If they ever use one, in terms of Pyongyang, I would turn it into a charcoal briquette tomorrow."


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