Did Noah Syndergaard hurt his lat with this stupid 'Game of Thrones' appearance?

game of thrones mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard
Unskilled muscle...

Injured Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard made an appearance on Game of Thrones last night. Yep, that's the idiot above...hurling a spear.

Here's the clip.

Nolan Ryan's trainer Tom House had said earlier this year that Syndergaard's injury was 'waiting to happen.' Morons like Syndergaard think Nolan was 'all about lifting and training hard' and nobody on the Mets is there to correct him. House stated, "Unfortunately, this is an injury waiting to happen by the second week of June. Unless you're picking up a ball while you're getting stronger, you're just adding muscle that doesn't know how to throw. It's unskilled muscle ... There's a 60 to 63 percent likelihood [of getting injured]. I'm sure he feels great today, I'm sure he's throwing well. But what he's done is the worst-case scenario."

I am an idiot.

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