Governor Chris Christie completely lied about turning WFAN down

Chris Christie out at WFAN as far as the full time afternoon slot goes. But in Mike Francesa style, the NJ Gov had to lie about what went down - calling into Boomer & Carton today.

Liar. Even as the lie is told badly. "I told WFAN I was no longer interested as I had other things 'to pursue' ... is followed by 'but I told them that I'd still fill in.'" Yeah, sure. If Chris Christie told WFAN a few weeks back that he was backing out - you don't think he'd have released that as a statement to halt talk that he wasn't wanted when the eventual hire was announced? Of course he would have...

Chris Christie has accomplished one thing during his time as Governor of NJ - he made drivers licenses expire on birthdays instead of during an expiration month. That is it. Nada else. He got slot machines in our kitchens. How's that working out property tax wise for you?

Now the most hated man in the tri-state area, Christie is almost finished. He can move out of the area after that.

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