Kim Jones had to stones to chastise dopey Joe Girardi costing Yanks pennant race game

Yankees resident gutless loser catcher Gary Sanchez doesn't take the time to learn English but...he has no problem sucker punching downed opponents like a common criminal. Joe Girardi has no issues acting like a complete and utter moron during the heart of a pennant race. WFAN's Kim Jones is not going to name names Sanchez, Girardi, or Austin Romine but -- she has the absolute cojones to call some unnamed members of the NY Yankees for completely losing their minds when there is so much to lose this time of year.

Girardi 2 games, Betances 3 games, & punk ass Gary Sanchez 10.

Same Kim Jones who ripped Sandy Alderson & the Mets a new one just the other day.

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