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Strippers at Vivid Cabaret NYC proclaim 'Lenny Dykstra is a nice polite guy'

Lenny Dykstra is claimed to have trashed a Hotel ZE in Southampton hotel room and allegedly tried to swipe the towels, bedsheets, and even the receptionist’s sunglasses.

We partied with Lenny back in June of 2106 at Vivid Cabaret (61 West 37th Street), the three story gentlemen’s club in midtown Manhattan that is a favorite spot for pro athletes from all the major sports, so we went to some of the girls that were there that night to get their Dykstra takes. And? Strippers at Vivid Cabaret New York say they like the former Mets star.

Dykstra seems to always be involved in some controversy, but Vivid Cabaret NY Girl Ava explained how many of the sexy strippers feel about Dykstra. “Yes, according to his book he used to do crazy things. But that was in the past.”

“He’s always very polite whenever he is here. He is a nice guy,” proclaimed Vivid Cabaret New York Girl Daisy.

“He treats us girls great and is very polite,” explained Vivid Cabaret Girl Marilyn. “And he is always nice to the fans when they see him.”

Hotel ZE Owner Zach Erdem told Page Six, “You could smell the marijuana throughout the hotel . . . They were ordering a big bucket of ice and extra towels every few hours. At 3 a.m. Lenny called down, and my brother went to the room, knocked, and he was invited in by the girl who was fully naked.”

Erdem, who also owns Hamptons hot spots 75 Main, Kozu and AM, continued, “When Lenny left, there were open bottles of vodka and Jack Daniel’s, stuff everywhere. The cleaner saw [drug baggies], she said it was the worst room she has seen. He left a suitcase and a bag behind and a note to ship them to his home. But there were no sheets, pillowcases and towels left in the room.”

Erdem called Dykstra’s pals to open his suitcase, which contained 14 towels, pillowcases and bedsheets. In a laundry bag were 10 pairs of ladies’ shoes, a marijuana pipe and the hotel soap dish. “On the way out he also stole my receptionist’s sunglasses, we have it on video.”

Dykstra denied the claims. He slurred, “What? No! I didn’t steal anything. The stuff is still at the hotel. There was no maid service, towels and sheets were piling up, so I put it all in a laundry bag for them. I did them a favor and they call it stealing? This is ridiculous. Was I doing drugs? Absolutely not.”

Of the sunglasses, he continued, “Nobody took anybody’s glasses. They are saying the room got trashed like Keith Richards. It’s all lies.”

About that naked woman, he said, “I might have had 10 women in the room, might have had 15, might have had 20. Actually, the only thing I had in that room was my di*k in my hand.”

So now...we wait for the video...

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