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Gregg Giannotti co-hosting WFAN Morning Show next week

Earlier this month we contacted CBS to let them know that there were only 2 moves that could save WFAN at this point. One was Gregg Giannotti.

Get Gregg Giannotti over from CBS Radio to WFAN. Boomer and Giannotti works. Not just because 'Gregg' sounds enough like 'Craig'...but because GG is enough like CC to run a morning show. Who else over there has the balls to eviscerate Mike Francesa & most of the staff the way Carton does/did? Esiason has the sports cred but he cannot run the show. He's even uncomfortable running incoming phone calls. If it doesn't turn out that Craig was duped and he's gone? You get GG in there stat. Hell - get him in there Monday morning.

Get rid of do little Al Dukes and guffawing Jerry Recco. Get a fresh producer and update person for the fresh new look to boot. The show was tired before the arrest.

KD added: Morning shows are different. Everybody wakes up miserable. Dragging ass to work. They want to be cheered up.

Well, they listened. Giannotti will be co-hosting next week. DVR back on...

Here's GG doing Mike Francesa back in 2008.

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