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Mental health expert says put Craig Carton on suicide watch immediately

Just exchanged emails and then had a phone conversation with a mental health professional who pleads - Put Craig Carton on suicide watch if he's not already or not already been sent to rehab. A few notes from the doctor:

"The reasons for immediately worrying are several. A high profile individual who is used to the spotlight who is embarrassed and knocked down is going to be ashamed and often suicidal. Throw in what we know of the alleged crime's genesis - an impulsive individual's addiction? It is a no brainer. The link between an impulsive individual having a higher tendency to attempt suicide is small but it is real. Before legal work, before anything - get him professional help. Today. Right now."

The doctor continued: "The family is very important here. If he is with them - great. If he is not with them - get him a picture of his family. Let him know that a parent who commits suicide leaves behind children who are immediately 5 times more likely to commit suicide themselves. That often is enough to help. Especially someone who has been very close with his family like Craig has been."

"A second tactic is to remind him that often the comeback is right there. There are tons of celebrities who have come back and thrived even with far worse circumstances. Bill Clinton survived. Martha Stewart came back strong. Robert Downey Jr thrives. Eminem had his 'Recovery.' Mike Tyson and even OJ Simpson will be just fine."

Just set the jaw and set the mindset to COME GET SOME.

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