Mike Francesa killed 'jerk stooge' PSU coach James Franklin for icing kicker up 56-0

Penn State stooge James Franklin iced the Georgia State kicker with 11 seconds left in this past weekend's game to preserve a 56-0 shutout. Mike Francesa was livid. “It’s 56-0, let him kick the ball! And then try to lie about it. What a stooge. What he hasn’t got is any class, because why would you do that to a kid up 56-0?! ‘We had our fourth team on the field, we didn’t have a fourth-team field-goal block.’ What the heck do you need to block it for?! Let the ball go through the uprights, you jerk,” Francesa railed. “So he calls timeout to get the second-team field-goal block in. What a bunch of garbage that is. He sells you that, he’ll sell you anything. The guy iced him, plain and simple, because he wanted a shutout.”

The guy iced him, plain and simple, because he wanted a shutout.

Yeah, right. And?

Francesa went on and on and...

Francesa, devout liar, talking about devout lying. Rich.

Hate the last second kicker ice. It needs to be eliminated. No problem whatsoever trying to maintain that shutout for the D but the rule itself sucks.

Here's the wonderful PSU ice.

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