Second Life: Craig Carton discussed changing names & fleeing to Costa Rica

Craig Carton racked up millions of dollars of gambling-related debts according to the SEC. And as those debts mounted he considered a range of options: In the fall of 2016, CARTON, WRIGHT, and "CC-1" exchanged emails and text messages regarding their existing debts. On September 5, 2016, for example, WRIGHT emailed CARTON and CC-1, “for the sake of our conversation tomorrow,” and outlined “the debt past due and due next week.”

WRIGHT listed several apparent creditors, to whom he, CC-1, and/or CARTON were personally indebted for over a million dollars.

WRIGHT listed eight possible options for repaying the debt, including “Run to Costa Rica, change name, and start life all over again – may not be an option.”

CARTON responded to WRIGHT and CC-1, stating “don’t forget I have $1m coming tomorrow from ticket investor[.] will need to be discussed how to handle.” On September 7, 2016, CARTON emailed WRIGHT and CC-1, referenced a potential investor (“Investor-1”) in an upcoming holiday concert tour, and suggested “borrow[ing] against projected profits” on that investment.

While WFAN stammers from this 1-2 punch we'll tell you one thing: It is Sid Rosenberg who buzzes every time there's something like this going on. Not Boomer Esiason. Not any of the Francesa wannabes.. But Sid Rosenberg.

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