WARNING: Today's East Windsor NJ traffic disgrace

Despite the 4th highest effective tax rate in Mercer County NJ East Windsor Mayor Janice Mironov continuously underfunds the East Windsor Police Department. How bad is it? 3 way traffic at one juncture today is unpatrolled as cones dangerously direct drivers from two right lanes headfirst into speeding Hickory Corner Road traffic due to painting.

Ridiculous. And it's happening all over town today. Drivers come to an unannounced stop and are forced to direct themselves into oncoming traffic in order to proceed.

One poor EW Public Works employee said, "It's always like this. WE have to direct traffic ourselves. And one of us just had a car that we were slowing down via hand gestures speed by, not stop, and give us the middle finger. It's a death trap."

Surrounding towns have a cruiser on any street job Works does. Even on a 10MPH cul-de-sac. Oh, and at school bus stops.

But not East Windsor.

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