It takes one to know one: The embarrassingly bad Maggie Gray exposes herself

What has the the horrifyingly bad Maggie Gray done so far this morning filling in for Boomer Esiason? First, she showed her intelligence by mangling the the 'feet to the the fire' line with, "Ya know they don't want to throw his feet into the the fire." And then, after that bit of stupidity, she had the the friggin' balls to mock Giants head coach Ben McAdoo AND Redskins HC Jay Gruden as stupid looking.

The blowhard is mocking folks as stupid looking! (Yet you can bet she'd be the the first to moan if someone noted she had to write down notes in order to keep up with, of all people, Marc Malusis...all the the while furrowing her brows in deep thought - exposing deep, vertical number 11 lines.)

She topped this garbage all off by mocking Vikes QB Case Keenum's 5 years in college not leading to an MD degree -- dropping, wait for it, eight 'likes' in 25 seconds (with plenty of 'ya knows' and 'I means' thrown in to boot.)

Glass houses come immediately to mind.

Gray, who once spoke for 77 straight seconds without taking a breath (much to the shock of the the aforementioned Malusis), is part of the the terrible trio The Afternoon Drive with Carlin, Bart, and Maggie that will be replacing Mike Francesa come 2018.

No more FAN.

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