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Craig Carton Podcast #3 is 'Mike comments on his career & our relationship'

Craig Carton podcast #3: Mike comments on his career & his relationship with me. Turns out literal 'schoolyard bully' Mike and Chris Russo literally attended the funeral of Boomer's father, Norman. Funny Boomer never publicly properly said good bye to Francesa this week...

21 minute mark: Anti-Jew loyalty oaths. They were ordered deleted by ownership: "Mike unfortunately decided it was going to be Jews and Israel - calling Israel a failed experiment and legitimately saying on the radio that every single Jew in New York should take a loyalty oath to America over Israel. When you have the power of the microphone and you suggest that purely based on religion and being Jewish that you owe it to Mike Francesa to publicly dedicate yourself to the US over Israel is extraordinarily offensive. He has since denied he ever said it. Here’s the problem with denying it -- He said it, he knows he said it and an audience that heard it knows he said it...the company that used to own WFAN also knows that he said it,” Carton said of Francesa. What happened to those tapes are not a mystery. Those tapes were deleted on orders from executives high above those that ran WFAN. The deletion of those tapes were overseen and mandated shortly after the comments were made. Anyone that tells you otherwise is lying to you. I know who deleted those tapes and I know who ordered them to be deleted. Mike Francesa denying it all these years later is a flat-out lie."

Director Daniel Forer said, “They (Francesa and Chris Russo) are both aware of the role that that incident plays in the history of ‘Mike and the Mad Dog.' Neither one shied away from answering it and their takes on it. They were both very direct. Mike was Mike. He maintained the position he has always maintained: There was nothing controversial and he doesn’t believe they offended anyone. Chris is a little more sensitive to it and does understand criticism of it. He was more forthright in sharing with us his opinion of what happened that day. I was very pleased both addressed it and neither as afraid to address it. I said nothing would be off the table and they accepted that.”

Nothing new - Carton has said as much before.

Told you all about the Mike Francesa's Champions of the Heart Fund charity last year.

Here's Mike with Craig in 1993 on WWWE.

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