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Joe Namath has the cure for CTE: Hyperbaric oxygen

The Joe Namath Neurological Research Center at Jupiter Medical Center is committed to investigating new ways to reverse brain injury and improve long-term recovery. One technique that might be the cure for CTE id hyperbaric oxygen. Kenneth P. Stoller (Chief of Hyperbaric Medicine, Hyperbaric Oxygen Clinic of San Francisco, HOCSF/Azzolino CN&IW, 1545 Broadway 1-A, San Francisco, CA 94109 USA) wrote 'All the right moves: the need for the timely use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for treating TBI/CTE/PTSD' in 2015:


Up against black-boxed anti-depressants that are not efficacious, it should be a “no-brainer” to use a safe, off-label drug, but in the case of military veterans, every suicide might be seen as a tremendous cost saving to certain technocrats. The unspoken rationale is that if the military were to embrace hyperbaric oxygen as the efficacious therapy that it is then current active troops that have suffered injuries will come forward and seek treatment and benefits for their Traumatic Brain Injuries now that they know there is a viable therapy and in so doing troop strength will be decimated. So, to attempt to delay the acceptance of hyperbaric oxygen the Department of Defense has funded faux-studies claiming low pressure room air to be a placebo or sham, and then proclaiming there is no statistical difference between treatment arms and sham or placebo treatment arms. With few who understand hyperbaric medicine there is almost no one to call them on this subterfuge and prevarication. Many peer-reviewed articles have been published in the last decade that demonstrate hyperbaric oxygen is effective in repairing an injured brain even long after that injury took place. One of the most notable showed that blast-induced brain injured war veterans experienced a 15 point IQ increase (p < 0.001).


Hyperbaric oxygen is an efficacious, benign and humanitarian way to affect brain repair but it has not been adopted because it lacks patent protection and has no large corporate sponsors. It has also met interference because other agendas are present be they the protection of the status quo, myopic budgetary constraints, or perceived liability issues.

Today Joe Namath went on WFAN to extol the benefits of these chambers.

You can join Joe's mission right now right here and you can read much more into Dr. Stoller's work right now right here. Almost as interesting - Dr. Stoller resigned from UCLA 'because the American Association of Pediatrics knows vaccines cause Autism.' (Dr. Stoller might be able to help you get a medical exemption if you are required to get a vaccine that you do not want to get.)

Which is pretty much all of them, let's be honest.

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