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Phil Mushnick filleted Gov. Chris Christie

Yesterday we tweeted, "And...if @GovChristie's (aka no weed, no opioids, but gambling and food addiction is fine Governor Christie) SC case is a winner - states can basically do whatever they want - Congress be damned."

Guy steals $200,000,000 so he and Vanessa can can run ads almost as often as DraftKings used to.

Today Phil Mushnick writes:

Chris Christie, outgoing governor of New Jersey and a WFAN semi-regular, is working to combat opioid abuse among the young — great — while encouraging them and the rest of his state to lose their money and minds on added legalized gambling, this time on sports.

No word, yet, on whether incoming Gov. Phil Murphy will duplicate Christie by abandoning the office he will swear to uphold to regularly travel to Manhattan — accompanied by security paid for by N.J. taxpayers — to co-host shows on WFAN.

Chris Christie has had one good idea in 8 years: Change the medical benefits gifted to state workers from the Platinum plan to the gold level and he comes up with it in December. SMH.

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