Evercore's Rich Ross almost reduced RiskReversal's Dan Nathan to tears over his bearish 2016 - 2017

Dan Nathan is the Co-Founder and Editor of RiskReversal.com. He blocked us on Twitter after we called for all CNBC 'traders' to list each and every trade in order to track them. (Today the anti Trumper mocked Apple's job plan as 'probably mostly retail jobs' - but that's another topic.)

Later, Rich Ross - Macro Research Analyst at Evercore ISI, filleted Nathan: "You've been bearish for two years and the stock market's gone up 100% so 'Where are you?' You're not helping people make money! You haven't liked Trump, the market soared, and, take politics aside, you've been wrong so don't say that I'm glib!"

Nathan, welling up, responded: "Piss off."

Tough guy.

"You don't know what I do!"

Of course not -- RiskReversal states, "We do not offer advice or feature an investment portfolio. We are merely detailing trades that we place, consider placing, think make sense for certain situations and holdings, or observe in the market place." So they detail trades they made, are thinking of making, that might be good for other folks or, you know, they just make up and then watch for shits and giggles.

Tim Seymour took to Twitter: "FOR THE RECORD: @RiskReversal has always a major force of smart information on @CNBCFastMoney Right and Wrong like all of us..." Pushed, correctly, by @StockDocMI with what we've called for, "A real time track record of your account you manage or a personal track record would be helpful. Create a digital baseball card to show the audience before each appearance. Nothing to hide and we can evaluate you without bias. @RiskReversal @CNBCFastMoney @RichartRoss" Seymour replied, incorrectly:

Bull. Sizes, dates, etc. Like when, in 2016, a flabbergasted 2016 Barack Obama asked what 'magic wand' Donald Trump has to bring back jobs to the USA.

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