Mike Francesa wants you to know he was all over the sh*thole Falcons way before everyone else was

Mike Francesa, via the Bill Simmons Podcast, wants you to know he was all over the Atlanta Falcons way before everyone else was. No way he's getting off. In fact he was speaking to his friend Hawley Griffin earlier this week -- telling him he thought Atlanta might be a favorite and all.

Falcons v Philadephia Eagles is a no brainer.

ATL 23 PHI 13

No brainer.

Eagles 15, Falcons 10

Mike Francesa should take one of those many offers to charge for his shithole picks. Mean, this is the guy who also discussed pinch hitting Raúl Ibañez for A-Rod with Hawley Griffin right before Joe Girardi made the call in October of 2012 AND who told Griffin later during December 2012: "If the Giants would just run it three times in a row and punt it -- Jacksonville couldn't score enough to beat NY." Right before Tom Coughlin thought it. He's just magical that way.

*Update - Francesa states that the Steelers will beat the Jaguars by at least 21.

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