Paranoid Chris Carlin thinks the widely bashed WFAN Terrible Trio has a chance

Chris Carlin (but ehhh, you know?) tells the Red Ticket Blues podcast than anyone other than Chris Russo would have received the harsh criticism that WFAN's Terrible Trio is receiving. So it's all about replacing Mike Francesa and not that the three doing it have more verbal crutches than Boomer Esiason has 2 sizes too small sweatshirts? It's all about Mike and not at all about 3 'professional speakers' who cannot speak and do not have a breadth of knowledge let alone a depth of knowledge anywhere.

The delusional Carlin adds that he feels that they have a chance because there are smart people involved.

A) Would not have listened to Chris Russo either (just like now over at SIRIUS).
B) Smart people? No one with half a brain would have put 3 ESL students like Bart 'A, Ya know? Right!' Scott, Maggie 'Ya know, like (delivered in a nasally made for writing tone) Gray, and Carlin together. No one. Show is unsustainable and unlistenable.

It's going to get worse.

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